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Commercial real estate is a business investment driven by economic factors, not so much the property itself. Investing in commercial real estate can be a good way to invest but you should make sure you are well represented by an attorney and accountant before moving forward since buying commercial real estate can have significant tax consequences and if you're buying or developing commercial real estate, it's important to protect your financial interests with legal support. It may sound redundant, but the axiom location, location, location, is an important factor in buying commercial real estate too. Here is the key to buying commercial real estate: the one with the most information wins. The winners are the people that recognize that the world of commercial real estate is constantly changing and understanding the nature of commercial real estate is a precondition to the timing question. They also understand the data and realize that information is the most critical aspect of any transaction. In other words, the most valuable commodity you can have in the commercial real estate market is information.

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